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Latest News:
Start: 03.03.2023 at 20:00
The server was placed in the best Server Room.
As an administration, we tried to examine the current needs of players to adapt the game to all requirements from the lowest levels.
Rebuilt systems, completely new locations.

We have prepared for you PKT for lvl, so that expienie does not become a compulsion, but satisfaction!:
400lvl - 25 premium points to sms shop
500lvl - 25 premium points to sms shop
600lvl - 50 premium points to sms shop
700lvl - 50 premium points to sms shop
800lvl - 75 premium points to sms shop
900lvl - 75 premium points to sms shop
1000lvl - 100 premium points to sms shop
1100lvl - 100 premium points to sms shop

For a reminder of what's waiting for you, the players:
Own map made from scratch.
Over 250 quests.
You will find an android client with us.
Daily bonus monster system!
Online points system!
A lot of Events and new Systems.
Added 8 new islands and also edited rl expowiska!
Boss attacks! Automatic and made by Texonia Team !

Europe's best online game hosting! We give guarantees without lag game!
Events and Competitions - With us you will not be bored!
Free PKT for SmS Shop.
New Monsters.
Online point system (for each ... hour of activity we get one Online Points that can be exchanged for valuable items) Box System If you are lucky and get the key, go to Temple.
Castle system fight for the castle with other guilds thanks to which we get +10% more experience!

Server parameters:
Port: 7171
Client: 8.60
Map: Evolution
Stages : Here

A lot of events and great prizes - you just have to play to be the best.
Don't worry, we also don't forget about guilds.
We will provide you with a good start from the points!
Of course, we have specific requirements.

We are counting on a lot of fun, a lot of wars and a show of good PG!
Remember that with us you are 100% sure that the server will remain well-groomed and updated every now and then!
Play fair and have fun on our server!

Getting Free POINTS is trivial, just look into the tab Free Points.

30 minutes after the start, each logged in person will get free premium points



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